วันอังคารที่ 30 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Kamikaze2 Ninja

The way of the ninja is a constant struggle and a double life. The ancient art gets passed through generations by the masters in the secret dojos in the depth of the Japanese forests. Mere mortals are banned from the hidden ninja villages, and the only way to leave the clan is by death.
The role-playing game ‘Kamikaze 2: The Way Of Ninja’ is a captivating story about the adventures of ex-peasant Fujiyama who became the clan-leader of ninjas; a story you'll have to write with a sword and shuriken upon the scroll of shadows. Loads of quests, a rich arsenal of weaponry and legions of cunning enemies are waiting for you. Withstand all the trials Fujiyama encounters and become the best ninja in all of Japan!
เกมส์มือถือนิจาคามิคาเซ่ กับภาระกิจลับในการแทรกซึมเข้าสู่แดนของศัตรู


วันศุกร์ที่ 26 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552


Welcome to our cosy hospitable pyramids! Here you will be delighted by comfort in truly Kingly rest. A lot of famous people such as Ramesses II, Thutmos III, Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti 666 stayed here. Yes, you are right, pyramids weren't under repair very long, they were last renovated after the campaign of Alexander the Great but we succeeded in keeping the unique atmosphere of our ancient land. Oh, and don't believe the gossip that mummies used to loaf about our halls at night...”
Zum-zum boasts captivating game-play, attractive graphics and simple rules. You should have time to destroy a chain of multi-coloured balls creating lines which contain at least 3 pieces of the same colour before the scarab who is a pyramid's guardian takes a chain away to his lair. Travelling across the ancient pyramid you will play 35 maze-levels, solve the riddle of a magical artefact and have great deal of fun!
Zum-zum – is entertainment worthy even of the Pharaohs.

วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 25 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Age of Heroes III

There are no immortal humans and immortal gods - but sagas and legends about them, stories of the great heroes and terrible evildoers are really immortal. We proudly present you the continuation of the epic saga - "Age of Heroes III – Orc's retribution". There was internal war in the orc's land for many years. Clan leaders looking for absolute power didn't know any day of peace. And even in the time they met one common enemy they couldn't unite their forces. Elves under the rule of merciless warrior Felengir, intruded into the land of their green skinned neighbors destroying everything on their way. Orc's armies were crushed, clan leaders killed or sieged in their fortress. Now only one orc can resist elves - Rackgul, orc's clan leader who's warriors died in an unequal battle. He is the one who can unite burnt country, collect the great orc's artifact – Khar's armor, and lead his troops to the victory.

เกมส์มือถือแนววางแผนคล้ายๆ dota ใครที่ชอบบัญชาการรบล่ะก็เข้าทางเลยล่ะครับ


วันอังคารที่ 23 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552


The war had ceased. The enemy, strong and sly, had been defeated. Fujiyama, being unable to find a use for the great artifacts he has found, hid them in the ancient temple at the foot of Fujiyama, the mother of mountains, whose name he inherited by the birth.

Afterwards, Fujiyama has become a Ronin - a wandering samurai - he helped those poor and needy and made did good in the name of fairness, traveling between villages and towns. Though, wherever his way had led and whatever was his current occupation... once per year, at the same time, something forced him to return there, where he has hid the artifacts.

Thus it happened again. Suddenly awaking in a hovel of poor peasant who hosted him in gratitude for saving him from the brigands, Fujiyama felt the insuperable force drawing him back to the place which had become holy for him. "Huh, perhaps, I am chosen by the Gods?" - thought Samurai preparing for his trip.

เกมส์มือถือแนวซามูไร ใครที่มีเลือดบูชิโดมิควรพลาด


วันอาทิตย์ที่ 21 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Thursday the 12th

Having committed so many murders, Slayson starts hunting after more enemies. Seems that people appeared to be so fragile, that their deaths did no more satisfy him as before. Slayson decides to go down in the heart of the Hell and find the boiling cauldron with sinners in order to have full pleasure from the agony in which people are there.

But before getting there, he will have to overcome many enemies, friendly towards each other, but who are hardly going to be friendly with him. So, he will have to face blood-thirsty zombies from ancient grave-yards, whose bodies dried-up for centuries and are in need of fresh blood, and former psychopaths ready to rush after anyone who even remotely reminds them their torturers. Also are on his way, damned monks excommunicated for terrible evil deeds and condemned to eternal suffering for the sins they committed during their lives. Having reached the Hell, strange creatures, which the only sight of flesh stirs up their fury and rage, will not give any moment of rest. Finally, here it is, the desired Boiler with sinners giving off fluids of fear, pain and unbearable sufferings. But is it the end of the trip?

ใครที่ชอบเกมส์มือถือแบบฮาร์ดคอร์ แบบเลือดสาดเต็มจอต้องเกมส์นี้เลยครับกับอาวุธหลายอย่างให้เลือก พร้อมแล้วหยิบอาวุธเเล้วลุยเลย


วันศุกร์ที่ 19 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

AliBaba and the Scary Dev

This game is the mobile response from "Qplaze" to all "Alladins" and various "Princes". It's a thrilling adventure story of the famous AliBaba on your mobile phone
. Our main hero - Alibaba is not a naive and good at heart, as Alladin, it's quite the contrary. He is guileful and artful Arabian thief. He is ready for all shocks and scrapes, he is agile and strong. When his sweetheart get kidnapped, he sets out in search of her immediately. without thinking on any danger and obstacles, enemies and monsters, smashing all and every on his way. And the kidnapper is the scary Dev, who still does not know about the trouble he is already in. To get to the Dev's castle, AliBaba will have to cross the town, get through deserted blocks, to get the magic carpet and to fly on it over the great desert. AliBaba will have to use all his knowledges and skills, which he has obtained being an Arabian thief.
เกมส์ผจญภัยแนวภาราตะ ประกอบด้วย9ด่านให้ลุยกันแบบมันส์ๆ พร้อมแล้วลุยเลยครับ


วันอังคารที่ 16 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Dragon and Dracula: Iceland Adventure

There is another mission for the little brave Dragon! Dracula is back, he
plans to conquer the whole world ! You'll have to outsmart evil monsters
and defeat Dracula in the final battle. Don't forget to collect gifts and
eat some food ! Many dangers will be on Your way. The first opponent you
will encounter is a zombie. This creature is not only blind but extremely
stupid as well. The knight is a much tougher opponent. Capable of seeing
you even with his back, he will immediately rush toward you when he notices
you, trying to hit you with his sword. Watch out! The bats are your first
aerial opponents and you will certainly going through many near-death
experiences with these flying beasts. But none of these enemies come even
close with Dracula. This monster can spit and hit you, turn into a bat and
teleport himself.



วันอาทิตย์ที่ 14 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552




วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 11 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Super Mario Planet

ใครที่เป็นแฟนพันธ์แท้มาริโอเชิญทางนี้ กลับการเดินทางครั้งใหม่ของมาริโอในเวอร์ชั่นมือถือ มันส์อีกแล้วครับ


วันจันทร์ที่ 8 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Prince Of Persia - The Sands Of Time

อีก1เกมส์ที่โด่งดังมาแล้วบน PC คราวนี้มาลองเล่นบนมือถือกันบ้าง


วันศุกร์ที่ 5 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2552

Sky Force

เกมส์แนว shooting อีก1เกมส์ยิงกันสนั่นจอเลยครับ